Day 3

Publish date: Apr 17, 2019

My editor told me to put more emotion into these. I told him that it’s hard to think of much else besides “stay warm” when it’s cold and raining. But today was nice, so here we go.

The first emotion that comes to mind is fear. I’ve been pretty afraid of being alone in the woods at night. The idea of it might sound idyllic to some, but to me it makes me think of bears, coyotes, widow makers (aka trees that fall on you), creepy people, and the cold. In the past, I’ve had trouble feeling safe in my tent. The last two nights I have slept in the ‘comfort’ of shelters. The next 6 miles ahead are tough and require campers to have bear cannisters (we don’t), so we decided to pick a pretty secluded campground. It should be about 33 degrees tonight. I’m in my tent now, only a little scared, but we’ll see how that changes throughout the night.