Day 6

Publish date: Apr 21, 2019

I don’t think it’s hit a lot of thruhikers that we’re really here doing this. It’s kind of difficult to comprehend the scale of our goal. I tend to break it into smaller goals: the next peak, next camp, next town with a shower and real food, next state. I’m always “almost there”.

Some people don’t operate like this, they’re more about wandering. I met someone who is just hiking until June, and a retired woman who has planned this trip her whole life and wants to take it very slow to enjoy it. One guy “took an Uber to the woods” from Atlanta, discovered what the AT is while there, and has been hanging around the area for the past month! I admire this style of hiking, its more Thoreau’s style, but I don’t think I would be out here without my little goals.