Day 8

Publish date: Apr 22, 2019

I slept on a bed last night. A bed with a mattress and a comforter. Sure, I shared a double with a woman I met days ago. I still slept wonderfully. After breakfast, we went to an outfitter/bar to wait out the rain before we hit the trail again. I spent the hour trying to play along with the bar music on their loaner guitar. Our shuttle driver, Santa Mike, took us to Walmart to get food. I grabbed a face mask too, because my skin has been breaking a bit lately.

Back at the trailhead, there were a bunch of tents set up for some trail magic (free stuff that non-hikers give to hikers). We took some tea and chili, then hiked the mile to the next shelter. Oh, and it was snowing. We drank the tall boys we brought from town, I did my face mask, then we hoisted up the frozen ropes for our bear bags. Now we’re all cuddled up in our sleeping bags in a shelter, dry, full, and clean.