Day 11: The Logistics of Water

Publish date: Apr 26, 2019

Fun fact: a psychic once told me that she saw “dehydration” in my future. No idea what that meant, but I think about it all the time.

On the A.T., we get water from streams. I pass at least 2 marked ones each day, and there’s usually one at camp. But since it’s the rainy season, I often pass more. Because of the abundance, I only carry a liter. Hikers generally try to “camel it,” i.e. drink up at camp and streams.

Ok so how do I get it from a stream? With my Sawyer Squeeze water filter. I look for a stream with a solid flow of clear water. I fill a bag with the water, hopefully from a little waterfall, attach it to my filter, then squeeze it into my waterbottle. Super simple.