Day 12

Publish date: Apr 26, 2019

I don’t get much news. I heard about the fire at Notre Dame and Herman Cain’s withdrawal from the Federal Reserve nomination - only because people texted me about it. I’ll read anything Elaine Godfrey writes, too. Otherwise I’ve been off the grid, man.

The news I get now is all about the trail, and it mostly arrives via word-of-mouth. Weather, difficult terrain, bear-heavy areas, shelters with sketchy people hanging around, the best spots in town, etc. The internet can answer some of that, but I can’t count on having service. It’s incredible how quickly and accurately the water cooler talk - in this case water break talk - captures hyper-local A.T. news. For example, tonight I slept on “hobo island,” which wasn’t in the guidebook nor does it exist online. We were told about it from an employee at an outfitter: “Just follow the railroad tracks.”