Day 13: The Logistics of Hiking

Publish date: Apr 26, 2019

I ,apparently, hike fast. My whole group does. Excluding our off day, our max is 18 miles, min is 9.1, average is 13.4, and median is 12.3. Our muscles feel stronger every day, but we know not to push our joints. It’s common to see hikers push too hard in the beginning and injure themselves. Our pace has been consistently a little faster than 2 miles/hr.

We usually get out of camp between 8AM-10AM. We stop for lunch by a river or a vista for an hour or so. If it’s raining we’ll stop for lunch at a shelter, and we’ll eat super quickly to keep moving and stay warm. Other than lunch, we don’t take too many breaks except maybe to regroup or catch our breath on an uphill. The distance we hike depends on a few things: the terrain’s difficulty, whether we’re trying to escape the rain, and optimizing time in town. While we hike, it’s mostly silent. Sometimes, when it’s not uphill, we’ll be chatty. Sometimes, usually on the uphill, we’ll listen to music.