Day 16

Publish date: Apr 29, 2019

Out here, It’s easy to feel like you deserve a beer at the end of the day. The only troubles are the beer’s weight and southern counties’ prohibition-era laws. There are only a few AT shelters where conditions are right: close to town, on a lake, with running toilets, showers, and trash cans. In the rare these conditions are met, it inspires someone to bring some beer.

One such shelter is called the “Fontana Hilton,” and the scene resembled a music festival. Some people had been hanging out here for a couple of days. Some stayed up chatting by the campfires past midnight, which is super late for us. In the shelter, it seemed like a carousel of people unzipping their sleeping bags to escape into the night and pee. This is the party scene of the AT. Most of the time, the trail is nothing like this. But it is whenever it can be.