Hiking Buddies

Publish date: May 1, 2019

It’s pretty crazy to think that, for now, I spend 24 hours a day with these four other people. I’ve never been tied to anyone for as long as this. We only talk for a small portion of the day. Mostly we move together: hiking, stretching, camp chores, etc. But in this series, I’ll profile the people I meet along the trail. Everyone on the trail adopts a trail names, but we’re still working those out.

The other girl in our group is MJ. She’s from Ireland but lived in Banff for the past couple of years. Her pack is the heaviest, but she’s still the fastest on the uphills. She also did the Camino in Spain. Despite having tendinitis twice before, she refuses to slow down. James (NH), Brad “Spacey” (TN), and Rob “Homebrew” (PA) all grew up close to the AT, and all three abandoned their overworked lives to get back to nature. James is fighting a foot thing, and Rob is fighting a knee thing, but all of us are still crushing it.