Day 22: The Logistics of Food, Part 1

Publish date: May 8, 2019

I don’t really eat meat, and I’ve never been conscious of protein intake. At home, I mostly eat produce. That doesn’t work so well out here. What matters out here is getting the most calories for the least weight. And that the food is indestructible. There are some staples: oatmeal, tortillas with tuna or peanut butter, knorr and mountain house meals, mashed potatoes, and ramen. It’s a bonus if you can just add hot water into the bag and avoid cleaning your pot. Outfitters along the AT upcharge for this appropriately named “hiker food”. Grocery stores are where you can go wild. At the last grocery, I bought fixins for a falafel hummus avacado wrap, bagels, and peaches. A lot of hikers get a little spice too. I carry chili spice. I’m trying to switch it up, but it requires creativity!

Some people get creative in other ways: I’ve seen tuna cheez-it wraps, peanut butter cracker snickers wraps, and pimento cheese ramen.

After a week of noticing others’ multivitamins and protein bars, I decided that I should up my nutrient game for once. I added some magnesium pills and Cardinal Creations to my food bag. I also have some dried veggies, faux meats, and soups from Harmony House, which I get shipped to me.