Day 24: Socks and A Long Look Into An Abyss

Publish date: May 13, 2019

Sometimes my water bottle will fall out of the easy-to-access pocket on my pack. Today, my water bottle decided to repeat this stunt down into a 30’ valley. I just watched it roll down into the ravine, as MJ and James did the same behind me. Reluctantly, I set my pack on the side of the trail and set off to grab the bottle. My pack also heard the call of the abyss and tumbled into the ravine as well.

I’ve often wondered if a tree or something would stop my fall if I fell off the trail, but based on how forcefully my pack tumbled to the bottom, I’m going to guess not. Either way, I retrieved my pack and water bottle and moved on. Hours later, I remembered that I had socks hanging and drying on the back of my pack. They had been lost to the ravine. So of the three pais I started with, one pair was lost to the laundry, one had holes in the heels, and one was at the bottom of a ravine. I’ll go with the pair with holes until the next resupply in two days.