Day 28: A Mouse Mystery

Publish date: May 22, 2019

There were six of us in the shelter. Five of us were lying down, when we hear Achilles yell “what the FUCK?” It was a mouse that had run out from where MJ and Brad’s pack was hanging and into his.

“MJ! Why did you have to share hangs with me?” MJ had, in fact, thrown her pack on with his without asking.

She fired back, “Wait, do you have bagels in your pack?” Brad had twice before slept with his bagels in tow.

“Somebody better tell me why there was a mouse in my pack!” Achilles exclaimed, demanding an explanation for the mouse situation.

With no explanation in hand, we screamed and pointed until we saw the mouse running around the perimeter. The mouse clearly possessing the ability to jump into the hanging backpacks. The hysteria ended when the mouse scurried into a crevice near Kurt’s head. All was OK again.