Day 42: The Long Night (Day)

Publish date: May 29, 2019

Going into town can be a vortex. For example, yesterday we stopped by a hostel that sold $3 milkshakes. Then we realized that they had a smart tv, and stuck around to watch the first two episodes of GoT. By that time, we had to cut our plan of 20 more miles down to 11.

Today, we hiked with the sunrise to make up those miles and get to Damascus (hello VA!) before the diner stopped serving breakfast. We ended up hanging around the library all day, using their WiFi, sinks, and lawns, until we decided to just get dinner in town, too. We had one drink, then a local bought us a round, and before you know it we’re cutting our plans from 6 more miles down to 0. The vortex swallowed us once again.