Day 53: Trail Family

Publish date: Jun 11, 2019

I’d like to issue a correction. I wrote on May 1 that I’ve never been tied to other people for as long as I have with my tramily. My twin sister, Annie, pointed out that we have been tied for much longer. To be fair, I don’t remember the nine-months of being wombmates. It was still an important time in my life so, sorry Annie.

Anyway, the tramily is still going strong. We’ve started sort of camping in different spots every few days, but we always come back together. In the beginning, I would have said that there’s something to gained from hiking in solitude. Now, I see that the moral support we give each other cannot be understated. The group offers motivation, fun, and goals. I’ve met a few other hikers who go so fast or slow that they rarely see the same people twice, and they have all been explicit in how little fun they’re having. I’m starting to believe that the buddies you make along the way are helpful for completing the AT (as long as you don’t have tooooo much fun), and essential for at least enjoying it. I don’t need to be with the same people every night, but some conversation is key to not turning into Tom Hanks from Castaway.