Day 54: Injuries

Publish date: Jun 12, 2019

Everyone gets injuries out here. Mostly they’re mild. At this point, I could ask any hiker how their body feels and they’ll tell me which of their muscles and joints ache the most. The trick is knowing when to stop and deal with pain, and when to push through it. As for me, I have some little inconveniences: my left hamstring and knee, the top of my right foot, a cracked right heel, and itchiness everywhere from bug bites. All push-throughable.

I stopped in at Angels Rest Hostel for the night, and many of the people here are just letting themselves heal for awhile. James joined their ranks a few days ago with shin pain. He’s frustrated to fall behind us, but he knows he needs to wait for the inflammation to go down. I’ve seen some people fall behind their tramilies like this, and usually they either lose them or skip sections of the AT to catch up. Another option is to slackpack, have your gear dropped off miles ahead of you and hike unburdened by your pack. James hopes to slackpack and catch up.