Day 57: The Logistics of Technology

Publish date: Jun 17, 2019

My phone is my greatest multitool. It’s my guidebook, Kindle, camera, iPod, journal, and means of communication. While I’m hiking I’ll frequently check my guidebook app to see where I am and what to expect. I’ll also pull my phone out to keep me company on hikes and listen to music, audiobooks, and podcasts. At night I’ll often read or journal. In town I update this blog, Instagram, and make calls.

So honestly my screen time is still pretty high. I have an iPhone 6, and I get about 2 days out of the battery, leaving it on low power and airplane modes. I carry an external charger (one of my heavier items) to recharge. I’ve never hit rock bottom with that thing. The first thing I do in any restaurant or hostel is find an outlet to charge it, and load up on new podcasts.

Turns out that Verizon has the best coverage in Appalachia, so it’s just peachy that I have AT&T. I get service in most towns and peaks, but usually I go 1-3 days without service. At first, this really upset it. I felt so removed! But one day I realized that I felt a bit of relief when I checked at the shelter and received the familier “No Service” message. It meant I didn’t have to update this blog, or do any other communication-based chores.