Day 58: Visitors

Publish date: Jun 17, 2019

Last night we played cards on the edge of a shelter, trying to avoid the rain. I kept getting distracting, staring out at the trail. Just before dark, my boyfriend and two friends emerged, carrying four large pizzas and three cases of beer. They drove from DC to the remote coordinates I gave them and walked a mile uphill in the rain, ready to lift our spirits with precious calories and great attitudes.

Today, they hiked north with me in the incessant rain and continued to cheer me up. When people say “never quit on a bad day” they mean days like today. Today if you stopped for more than 10 minutes you began to shiver. All of the views were fogged over. I couldn’t listen to any audio materials because my phone was in a dry sack. I had to move slowly on slippery and muddy terrain. But we managed to have fun anyways!

These are my first visitors on the trail. It is kind of surreal, having my two worlds combine for a brief time. It’s odd to plan out tomorrow’s mileage goal in front of my DC friends, knowing they’re going back to their warm homes. But the break in the monotony is much appreciated.