Day 59: The Logistics of Chafing

Publish date: Jun 17, 2019

“Wow my chafing is NASTY!” I exclaimed to Rob in the middle of a crowded hostel. Every head that heard me turned and nodded in agreement. We’ve been hiking in the rain for four days now, and I think it’s starting to turn our skin raw. We all have red little bumps all over our outer thighs and backs. No one warned me about this part of the hike!! This is my warning to you all!!

Actually, we arent really sure that this is chafing. We describe it to each other as a “pins and needles” feeling. I asked reddit what that was about, and the best guess is that this is actually prickly heat. Prickly heat is a form of heat rash, where our sweat glands are being blocked by excessive sweating in humid weather. I’ve actually gotten it before, just on a long hot day, but it’s soooo much worse in this rain. I guess it’s just another thing we have to cope with.