Day 73: Creature Comforts

Publish date: Jul 8, 2019

Right now I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Waynesboro, sipping a chai latte and picking at my chèvre toast as I write. Turns out, Waynesboro is a millennial haven, complete with a Kombucha taproom, cidery, and beer garden. It also turns out that I really missed that stuff. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting closer to DC or because I’m entering week 10, but I’ve been missing the comforts of the real world lately. Little things have triggered me: a potted plant, an SNL sketch, this chai.

Yesterday, Rob rented a car to go visit his family. Before he took off, he drove us around town a bit. Sitting in that car, riding shotgun, with his music blasting and the window down.. it made me melt into the seat. “You know, we could just…bail,” I suggested. “Drive to Mexico or something.” No one thought it was a crazy idea.