Day 85: A Trip to DC

Publish date: Jul 17, 2019

I left DC on April 10 with a pack that felt heavy as hell, a pit in my stomach I would later call fear, and a heart full of nostalgia. Today, I returned to it much filthier, with my muddy pack slung over one shoulder. Coming out of the Woodley Park metro, my first thought was how beautiful DC looks in the summer. My second thought was that I wished I could pee behind a tree.

After a couple of showers, I got lunch with old coworkers. Walking around crowded downtown DC in athletic clothes, crocs, and a fanny pack felt simultaneously completely out of place, and exactly what I’m used to. Later I walked up the steps of the Lincoln memorial with unprecedented ease.

I ended up staying in DC for 4 nights. Here are some of the things I found surprising about re-entering society: