Day 101: Slackpacking and a Heatwave

Publish date: Jul 26, 2019

A few days ago, Rob’s mom picked us up from Hamburg, PA, and took us to their home for some excellent meals and TV time. From there, we took Rob’s old car and began our slackpacking adventure. Slackpacking is when you leave your camp stuff in a car or hotel, and just carry your day’s food and water. Our goal is to knock out big miles then go have fun in a pool somewhere. We haven’t really found one yet.

TThis heat wave is limiting how many miles we’ve done lately. The heat index is around 100, and we don’t want to overexert ourselves. We’re keeping mileage under 13 for now, which is frustrating because we intended to do twice that.

In other news, my friend Katie came to hike with me for today and tomorrow. I hiked in front of her for most of today, and realized that I don’t remember what a normal hiking pace is. Despite the heatwave, she’s nailing it!