Day 105: Back to Backpacking

Publish date: Aug 4, 2019

Once Rob went home, we ended our slackpacking adventure prematurely. I am super happy about that. I went into this slackpacking thing expecting it to be a break for my back, and a fun change of pace. It ended up making me feel chained to the day’s plan. Unlike normal backpacking, where you can bail at any point and set up camp, we HAD to stick to the plan to get our stuff back at the end of the day. Then we would go to some hotel or friendly backyard for the night, which meant losing track of other hikers. I was starting to feel like town visits were undeserved.

One surprising benefit from that whole experience is that it sparked a renewed appreciation for backpacking. Right now, I am a) journaling b) sitting at camp and c) checking out a sunset, none of which I’ve done for a week. I missed it!