Day 150: More Portraits of Fellow Thruhikers

Publish date: Oct 16, 2019

Snake Charmer and Badass Butterfly got married the day they began this hike. Their ceremony consisted of only themselves and the local who married them under the arch of the approach trail. This trek is their honeymoon. I believe it’s going well.

The Graduate is supporting her daughter Oreo through her thruhike. I used to run into her at most road gaps, handing out gatorades and reading Harry Potter while she waits for her daughter. Her daughter is still in high school, and she will work out the assignments she misses in the fall with her teachers.

I forget his name, but one hiker used to work for a narcotics unit. When I asked him what he thought about all the blatant marijuana smokers out here, he replied “I told my kids that I was gonna hike the AT, grow my hair out, and smoke some pot.”