Day 158: The Gang is Back

Publish date: Oct 23, 2019

On day 53, James asked me the likelihood of our group summiting Katahdin together. I told him that, statistically speaking, it was unlikely that all five of us would make it at all let alone make it at the same time. The next day, he began a long string of zero days to recover from an injury and I never hiked with him again.

Until today! James finally caught up to us today, with fewer than 200 miles to spare. It took a combination of us slowing down and him speeding up to make it happen.

I haven’t told you exactly who I hike with on any given day, because you would stop caring. I have (mostly) hiked with some combination of Brad, James, MJ, Rob, and Yoshi since the start. It depends on paces, sleep schedules, family or friend visits, injuries, hostel preferences… and lots of other things. The fact that we keep meeting up has taken effort and communication.

Anyways, I’m very glad to be hiking with James again! I should have known that the trail provides. On a bittersweet note, our excuse to goof off “so that James can catch up” is finally gone.