Day 169: One Hundred Miles of Hunger

Publish date: Nov 1, 2019

Okay the Hundred Mile Wilderness isn’t thaaatt wild. There are side trails that lead to roads, which means there are day hikers in certain parts, and you can bail if need be. Still, it’s very remote. And the terrain is finally smoothing out. We did it in 5 days.

That meant 5 days of consistent big miles, and no calorie-loading in town. This turned out to be a big deal. Brad and James started cooking entire dinners for snacks. I ended up offering James some of my food. We ran into a few hikers on the fourth day with no food left at all, so I gave them everything else that I could comfortably give. Towards the end of the Hundred Mile, I experienced true hiker hunger for the first time. It’s unmistakable. It’s a state of mind: an insatiable hunger for anything at all, and a mental battle to stay positive through the hanger. I even considered James’s idea of doing a 40 mile day just to get to food sooner (we did 30 miles instead).

In the picked-over general store at the end, I ate more junk food than I care to admit. My last night on trail, and I went to bed with a terrible stomachache.