Day 170: The Big One (Part 2)

Publish date: Nov 1, 2019

We all went down the mountain on different routes, intending to meet up for pizza in the nearby town. Yoshi and James went one way, to Yoshi’s brother’s car. MJ and Brad took another way down to Rob’s dad’s car. Rob and I decided to take Knife’s Edge down to meet MJ and Brad. I hadn’t heard of this apparently infamous hike before, but I was told that it was challenging and beautiful. It looked very scary from afar, but I was on cloud nine so I figured I’d keep the feeling going.

Holy crap.

To call Knife’s Edge a trail is generous. It is a rock scramble. A narrow one. With steep drop-offs on either side. I had never been so scared. I tried to stay positive by laughing with Rob and singing to myself. I can honestly say that I felt more emotion at the sign marking the end of Knife’s Edge than I did at the sign marking the end of the AT, that emotion being relief. For the rest of the night I was in shock, as if I had just been through a car crash.

I’ll stay with Rob’s family in Portland, ME tonight, then make my way over to Boston and then home. Stay tuned for some post-trail reflections and graphs.